watch the match between Egypt and Côte d'Ivoire, live

watch the match between Egypt and Côte d'Ivoire, live

watch the match between Egypt and Côte d'Ivoire, live

 Ivory Coast vs Egypt in the jungles of Africa, watch the match between Egypt and Côte d'Ivoire, live broadcast in the match that takes place at six o'clock in the evening Cairo time at Ahmedou Ahidjo Stadium, as part of the 16th round of the African Nations Championship, via our Yalla Shot Today website.

An exciting test for the players of the Egyptian national team and the technical staff led by the Portuguese Carlos Queiroz, the national team did not show the expected performance during the group stage matches and qualified for the current round of the tournament, ranking second behind the Nigerian team that took the lead. The Pharaohs team started the tournament with a deserved defeat from Nigeria with a goal without He responded in the middle of a performance, not worse than the national team players, changes and a strange formation from the technical staff. In the second round, Queiroz tried to correct mistakes and achieved a victory over Equatorial Guinea with a goal without a response to Mohamed Salah in a match in which some danger appeared to the players of the team, although the performance was unexpected due to the potential and high capabilities Owned by the players, and in the third meeting, in the Derby of the Sons of the Nile, the team won over Sudan with a goal without a response, due to a defensive error by the Sudanese players in positioning.

The national team lost its personality and its well-known identity as the African champion and became a reaction to the opponent’s attack, which made the technical staff led by the Portuguese Queiroz under the guillotine of criticism, especially as he focuses some players in positions other than their positions, which reduces their danger to the opponent team, the national team will be in a real test in front of the elephants Which has a star-studded list, which makes Mohamed Salah's companions face self-proof and their right to wear the national team shirt.

The confrontation of Egypt and Côte d'Ivoire will be a special challenge for each player in order to prove his abilities and capabilities in light of the criticism that affected the players in the recent period, including Mohamed Salah, who did not appear at the same level that he presents with Liverpool, especially since the Egyptian fans rely a lot on Mohamed Salah, especially since he is one of the The three best players in the world, and the fans rely on him a lot to penetrate the fortresses of competitors and reach the net in order to ascend the throne of the continent and crown the African title.

The players of the Egyptian national team are fully aware that the confrontations of the Pharaohs and the elephants are always matches of high caliber and always witness a rivalry and excitement from the meeting until the final whistle, although the preference tends to the Pharaohs players who have won over Ivory Coast in 12 matches, while Ivory Coast won in 6 matches The tie was settled as a result of 3 matches between the two teams, and the Pharaohs scored 23 goals against Côte d'Ivoire, while the Elephants scored 22 goals against the Pharaohs. 22 goals against Egypt, a very large number that indicates the strength of the Ivory Coast throughout history at the offensive level.

Egypt's expected line-up against Côte d'Ivoire
Goalkeeper: Mohamed El-Shennawy

Defense lines: Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed - Ahmed Hegazy - Mohamed Abdel Moneim - Ahmed Fattouh

Midfield: Mohamed Elneny - Amr Al-Sulayya

Attacking midfield: Mohamed Salah - Abdullah Al-Saeed - Ahmed Sayed Zizou "Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet"

Offensive line: Mostafa Mohamed

The date of the match between Egypt and Côte d'Ivoire and its carrier channels
You will follow the match between Egypt and Ivory Coast at exactly four o’clock GMT, six o’clock Cairo time, seven o’clock Mecca time, and the match of Egypt and Ivory Coast will be broadcast on our website Yalla Shot Today, beIN Sports HD 1 Max and beIN Sports HD 2 Max.

On the other hand, the Elephants team realizes that in front of a heavy-caliber confrontation against the descendants of the Pharaohs, the Ivory Coast team presents the Secretariat with an excellent championship and has appeared at a good level during the past matches, as it opened its campaign in the tournament by defeating Equatorial Guinea with a 1-0 win, then tied with Sierra Leone with two goals to the same, and in The last round of the groups defeated Algeria by three goals to one and presented a meeting of heavy caliber, whether defensive or offensive. Certainly, the victory over the Algerian team and its removal from the tournament will allow the Ivory Coast players a great moral boost during today’s meeting, and the Ivorian team will face the Pharaohs in search of the victory that will lead it For the quarter-finals and getting closer to the title, where he will have overthrown Algeria and Egypt, in addition to the exit of Nigeria after the defeat in Tunisia, and the exit of Gabon after falling to Burkina Faso.

In today's meeting, the Ivorian team will rely on the midfielder Gian-Michael Seri of Fulham, along with Ibrahim Sanjari of Eindhoven, and in front of them Frank Casey, the Italian star of Milan, in order to impose control over the maneuvering area and take the advantage in order to exit the meeting with victory and a crossing card. We do not deny that the Sahel team Ivory includes distinguished players with special skills and a variety of physical strength, skill and shooting.

The Confederation of African Football “CAF” decided during the past few hours to fine the Ivorian federation 10,000 dollars, due to some elephant fans storming the field as well, but 5,000 dollars of them are paid in the event of a repeat of the incident only, as “Caf” stated that the match referee stated in his report that At the end of the match, about 40 fans stormed the stadium, most of them from the eastern stand, while the number of security guards was not enough to control the chaos, which was started by an Algerian fan who stormed the field.

K is aware of the difficulty of today's match, and therefore decided to appoint the Congolese referee Jean-Jacques Ndala, to manage the match between Egypt and Côte d'Ivoire. Tesema is a video technology referee, assisted by Senegalese Haji Malek and Mexican Fernando Guerrero.

The expected formation of Ivory Coast against Egypt
Goalkeeper: Badra Ali Sinjari

Defense line: Serge Aurier - Ayry